Actor/Singer/Dancer/Puppeteer originally from Kansas City, MO. I'm your girl-next-door type with a twist. 


Curious to know more about Miranda Noelle Wilson than what will fit in 300 characters or less? Read on for some fun facts!

I started acting at age 7 when I was cast as Gretl in the local high school production of The Sound of Music. While I had already been taking dance classes for a few years, no one believed I would actually want to do a stage play because I was so extremely shy.  But there was no shyness when I was onstage as Gretl, and when I became extremely sad at the closing performance, my parents knew I'd been bitten by the acting bug. I went on to perform professionally in Kansas City with theatres such as the Kansas City Repertory Theatre (fka Missouri Repertory Theatre), Starlight Theatre, and the American Heartland Theatre, to name a few.  In my last Kansas City production before moving on to college, I was in Over the Tavern at the American Heartland Theatre and my character was obsessed with twinkies which meant that I had to stuff a twinkie in my mouth every performance. I have not been able to look at a twinkie since...and that was many, many years ago!

The summer between my 6th and 7th grade years, I shot a short educational film for PBS and the National Parks Service about Harry S Truman. Hailing from his hometown of Independence, MO I had always seen the historic sites connected to him but I now had the opportunity to explore all of them. I got to meet family members and most importantly, VIP access.  One day as we were shooting some scenes at the Truman Home I needed to use the bathroom. The park ranger ended up sending me to a private bathroom in the basement of the house and told me "You know, you're the first person to use that toilet since Michael Dukakis did back in '88."   What a claim to fame!

From age 7-16 I was part of a marionette puppetry troupe at my arts school, Music Arts Institute, in Independence, MO. Throughout these 9 years, I learned how to design and construct marionettes and also how to perform with them. We performed many productions all over the Kansas City area culminating in our final performance as a troop in which I helped write the piece, constructed my marionette, performed as puppeteer, and also had the opportunity to be the voice-over actor for my character.

I graduated Cum Laude from the University of Evansville in Indiana, a theatre department that boasts such alums as Mary Catherine Garrison, Kelli Giddish, Carrie Preston, and Jack McBrayer, to name a few. I double majored in theatre performance and French. While in college, I studied abroad for a semester at the Collège International de Cannes where I became fluent in French, took some maginificent arts, culture, and political science classes, and also performed in 2 theatrical productions.  As the school backs up to the Mediterranean, I also spent some amazing time on the beaches of southern France.

Daughter of radio dj/tv personality/father and exquisite gourmet cook/mother, I am one of the three children. My parents had a 70's, 80's and 90's baby. 70's - my sister Nicole, 80's - Miranda Noelle Wilson, and 90's - my brother Spencer.

I worked as a company management intern at the Signature Theatre Company  (under Jodi Schoenbrun Carter & Adam Bernstein) when I first moved to New York. My favorite memory and most important job during my internship was as "best friend to Horton Foote" during tech rehearsals for A Trip To Bountiful which meant I kept him company and took his notes and made sure he didn't try and get up and walk when it was dark. During breaks we would sing hymns and share Coca-Colas from glass bottles, and talk about how I should come visit Texas. He was an amazing man and playwright!

I am a member of a dance-theatre troupe called Treehouse Shakers and we currently have 6 shows we perform for audiences ranging from 0-18 years of age. I am also an actor and collaborator on the Scripted-Improv Project which explores the non-pharmaceutical treatment of Alzheimer's and Dementia through the use of theatre. With these two projects combined, I am literally performing plays for people from ages 0-100.

I currently reside in Astoria with my fiance (and he has an awesome site too: and our goldfish, Jaws (he does not yet have his own Web site).