Clutch Productions: EVERY GOOD GIRL DESERVES FUN (and other misremembered things) starts rehearsals

October-November 2015 – I am so pleased to announce that Clutch Productions’ inaugural production, EVERY GOOD GIRL DESERVES FUN (and other misremembered things) by Heidi Armbruster is officially going into rehearsals!!!! We will be running December 4th-20th at WALKER SPACE down near Canal Street.

This journey has been an incredible one. There have been major high points, and also, of course, bumps along the way. But I think we are all becoming stronger artists through this process and through the collaboration of this shared vision to bring a play from the blank page to the stage in 12 months. We are also pleased to announce an incredible cast: Marinda Anderson, Christianne Greiert, Amy Kersten, Stephen Stocking, Jennifer Dorr White, and me!!!


EVERY GOOD GIRL DESERVES FUN AND OTHER MISREMEMBERED THINGS is a dark comedy about growing up too late and aging too soon. On an unseasonably warm October weekend, two sisters return to their small hometown in Wisconsin to problem solve their mother’s early onset Alzheimer’s. Their struggles to be caregivers set off a chain reaction that tears through the entire community and leaves Liz, the recently promoted director of the memory care wing, to pick up the pieces.