September 2015 – Triple-Threat Month

Ladies and Gentlemen – SEPTEMBER 2015 is a BIG month of awesome things.

  1. Treehouse Shakers starts developing their new dance-theatre show, OLIVE + PEARL, which is a story of home for 2-5 year olds. A day in the life of Olive, a young 3 year-old girl, and her grandmother, Pearl. I’m very excited to collaborate with this company on a show for the very young. I am playing PEARL, the grandmother. Nothing like stretching yourself a bit. Thank you to Flushing Town Hall for the generous space grant to allow us to start this development from 9/14-9/24.
  2. We have our FINAL (or so Ryan Raftery says) performance of RYAN RAFTERY IS THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN FASHION (or the Anna Wintour Cabaret) on Sunday 9/13. We took the show to Los Angeles. We did it again earlier this year at Joe’s Pub for the February Fashion Week. And we are doing ONEĀ more performance this fall for fashion week again on 9/13. Come check us out! Since the move of the show to Los Angeles in January, I have added “Anna’s Back-up Singer” to my role. It is so fun to wail on Pink’s “Perfect”, Elton John’s “The Bitch is Back”, and sing some choral “ahhhh’s” on Ryan’s version of Adele’s “Skyfall” (in the show it is SKYMALL). But seriously, check out his version of “Anna Wintour” singing LET ME GO (and you can hear my voice at the very top of the video :))
  3. Three-Day Hangover’s version of Steven Dietz’s DRACULA opens on 9/30. I am having an incredible time diving in to the role of LUCY with an amazing cast. Please come check us out!!!


When I was a young performer in Kansas City, I was encouraged to be a triple-threat. The VIRGO in me decided that I had to perfect that, or at least strive for that. But in NYC, it can be really intimidating to do that. But I am celebrating September 2015 as the time in NYC when I finally achieveĀ “dancer-singer-actor” status. And I am so incredibly grateful to the wonderful artists I get to work with and help make this “a thing”.